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A Sweet Reunion

What a fabulous time we had in Brussels!

To start off, the weather simply couldn’t have been more gorgeous! The leaves were turning, the temps were in the ‘70s, and it was the perfect weather for walking. Which we did, by the way. The hotel that we stayed at was about a half-mile from the event center (an uphill walk to the event in the morning, which meant it was downhill after a long day—yay!)

Because of my RA, I was a little nervous about the walking—we even had a Plan B that involved a car and driver (apparently taxis aren’t anxious to pick up half-mile fares. . .who can blame them, right?). But thankfully, Plan A worked perfectly. Sterling and I walked slowly, but walk we did. And it was glorious! I loved the opportunity to enjoy the fresh air, beautiful weather, and amazing surroundings.

And, of course, once we reached the venue, I loved seeing our demonstrators. After missing last year because of my accident, seeing their warm, welcoming faces was such a sweet reunion. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with these amazing individuals!

The Inspire. Create. Share. event was awesome—as it has been in South Pacific and North America. Kudos to our terrific events and training teams, who take the lead on these inspiring gatherings. Of course, they have been joined by dozens of others onsite throughout the year, and even more back at the home office, who work together to make these events a success.

The Silver 2 reception on Thursday evening was a perfect kick-off for the entire European event—a fancy affair in a fantastic setting (top floor with a grand view) and great entertainment (both the musical group as well as the little skit that Pam, Dave, and Axel pulled off!). 

Friday and Saturday were packed full of general sessions, classes, workshop, displays, and activities. I was able to attend everything but the breakout classes, and—as always—learned from what I saw and heard. I love seeing a new twist on a technique I thought I was familiar with or having a ‘wow’ moment when someone uses a product in a new or different way. And listening to the great business ideas that our demonstrators talked about is always enlightening and inspiring as well.

Highlights for me were sitting in the audience when Amy announced the global catalog (everyone went nuts! I’m very excited about that change myself) and being sent onstage to receive an unexpected birthday greeting. I was standing backstage, patiently waiting for my cue, when our stage manager told me to go onstage. I hesitated. . . this wasn’t the way we’d rehearsed it! But she insisted it was time, so I walked out (you never argue with the stage manager during a show!). Donna handed me a birthday card, and then employees started gathering cards from the demonstrators in the audience. Somehow they’d planned this fun birthday surprise without me knowing. Sterling and I opened every birthday card that day (there were hundreds), and that thoughtful gesture made this year’s extended birthday celebration even more special!

We enjoyed a few stolen moment exploring Brussels as well. The perfect weather made the city even more beautiful, and there were several fascinating destination spots within walking distance. We ran into demonstrators everywhere we went, which is always a treat, and we had our fair share of waffles and fries. We managed to taste test some Belgium chocolate as well, and last but not least, mussels. I had no idea that Brussels is known for their mussels, but when I found out that they’re loaded with garlic and onions, I couldn’t resist! After all, nothing  with garlic and onions can taste bad, right?

So, all in all, Brussels—and our 2014 European convention—was definitely a wonderful success!



The Last Ride



Sterling and I headed down south for the last ride of the season, along with a family that we invited to join us. The ride was in gorgeous country—near Bryce Canyon, where we were just a few weeks ago—and the weather was as beautiful as the countryside.  (Until this morning, when we woke up to chilly temperatures and gray skies, but we were OK with that, because we were already planning to head home. We leave tomorrow morning bright and early to Europe for our Inspire. Create. Share event there!)

It was the first ride for the friends we invited—the mom and daughter had been conditioning and were excited to have their first riding adventure! The father and son hung back at the camp with me; they rode bikes while I worked, and one day we met the riders at the vet check for lunch. 

We celebrated Saturday night with a fellow rider who has been riding since 1984 and passed the 60,000-mile milestone--an endurance riding record! All of the riders had dinner together, and Sterling made Dutch Oven potatoes and tri-tip steak. Yummy! And congratulations!

We also celebrated somebody's birthday yesterday with some carrot cupcakes--our friends were sweet to remember!

It was a wonderful long weekend—the perfect way to end the riding season!


Birthday Cards and Tags

I've mentioned before--and posted before--the birthday cards that I send out to our Stampin' Up! employees. Here's the newest batch; I particularly like this one because it isn't exclusively for birthday--you can use it for any occasion worth celebrating! 

And I've added a couple of tag projects as well. Throughout the year, we probably give more birthday gifts than any other gifts, so having birthday tags on hand is always a plus. I really liked these, and thought they were worth sharing as well. . .


It's About Time Creative Challenge

It’s about time to post the winners of my It’s About Time Creative Challenge, don’t you think? (smile)

There were literally hundreds of submissions (thank you!), and it took some time to look through them. I’ve become quite adept at doing what I need to do on my iPhone, so I’m hardly ever at my computer. And to judge these submissions I had to be at my computer. So this weekend, while listening to LDS General Conference (click here if you want to listen to some great talks while stamping—that’s what I did!), I was finally able to enjoy looking at all the creative ideas using our new products.

Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas, and congratulations to our winners. . . who, by the way, will each receive a free stamp set of their choice—woohoo!

August 15: Kylie Bertucci                               
August 20: Chris Slogar     
August 21: Sarah Fleming
August 29: Margaret Raburn          
September 14: Debbie Henderson         


Stamp, Chat, and Snack with Shelli October CASE Event

I’ve been sharing a Stamp, Chat, and Snack CASE event on my blog every month since convention, and this is my October event, which features a project for November. Since November is a month of thanksgiving in North America, it's only appropriate that my event features projects made from Another Thank You Stamp Set.

Guests at this party will make this vibrant Many Thanks card—in fact, they will make two of these cards. Be sure to point out to your guests that they can go home and keep making more of these cards—in lots of different colors—that will work for every and any thank-you they need to send!

Here's my invite information:

Stamp, Chat, and Snack (SCS) at Shelli’s
Thursday, October 23

Saying thank you is always a great idea, but this time of year it’s especially appropriate. Come create two thank-you cards to have on hand whenever you need them!

And here’s the Buy & Provide information so the demonstrator knows what she needs to provide for guests to make two free thank-you cards:

Demonstrator Provides

  • Another Thank You Stamp Set
  • Blackberry Bliss Cardstock
  • Whisper White Cardstock
  • Striped Scallop Thinlits Die
  • Envelope Liners Framelits Die
  • Blackberry Bliss Classic Stampin’ Pad
  • Circle Card Thinlits Die
  • Blackberry Bliss 3/8" Satin Stitched Ribbon
  • Linen Thread
  • Park Lane Designer Series Paper

Because the whole focus of these events (besides creating projects that people NEED and will USE) is to show the versatility of a single stamp set, I’d suggest that at your event you show people this blog; I’ve shared several projects you can make from the Another Thank You set.

Then, instead of making one of my projects, you could create an additional project or two to show at your event, which just reinforces the idea of the versatility of this stamp set. Display or pass those projects around so your guests can touch and feel them!

I love this time of year—especially the emphasis on being grateful, and I have plenty of people I can send these cards to.