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Another Q&A

Way past time for a Q&A, isn’t it? As always, suggestions for new products, ideas for opening new markets, and information or questions for demonstrator support have all been passed on to appropriate departments.  And if you’d like to make sure those types of things get passed on faster than I do it (since I don’t do Q&A’s very often), you’re welcome to e-mail Stampin’ Up! at ds@stampinup.com anytime. Now let’s get to those questions. . .

You talked about intense muscle therapy and have not updated that process. The hope is that it continues to work in all the right ways. And your horse had a sore leg; what's the update there? Not good to leave us hanging!

I’m still doing the intense muscle therapy, usually twice a week. I can fix my own hair and dress myself and do most of the yoga postures, so I can’t complain. And Kadie is also doing much better as well. I’ve taken her out on several shorter rides, and the vet has given her a clean bill of health. So I’m happy with the progress both of us are making. . .

Is Kadie an Arabian? And what does an endurance ride entail?

Yes, Kadie is an Arabian. And endurance rides vary in distance, length, and location, and are put on by different ride managers. I do the limited-distance rides (25 miles a day); real hard-core endurance riders do 50-100 miles a day. Sterling and I prefer to do the multiday rides, but we don’t ride on Sundays. I have loved getting into endurance riding, and I can see us doing this for years!

So sorry to hear about your shoulder pain; is this a stamping/ repetitive motion injury?

I don’t know exactly when or how this injury occurred. Just started hurting one day. It’s definitely not a result of repetitive motion. In fact, more than once I’ve been told that shoulder injuries are often emotional injuries, from “carrying the weight of a burden you don’t want to handle.” I don’t know that I’m carrying any burdens any heavier than anyone else. . . in fact, I’ve always felt incredibly blessed. So I don’t know if there’s any merit to that type of explanation, but I am feeling much better!

Lake Powell looks like so much fun! What is the water temperature there—it must be so cold! Can you all fit on one household?

Lake Powell is fabulous—the best vacation ever! We usually go in June, when the water temperatures are in the low ‘70s; this year was particularly warm and the temps were in the upper ‘70s. The temperatures don’t usually get much warmer than that, but it’s perfect. . . never too hot, never too cold, just the right temperature to be refreshing in the hot summer sun!

We no longer fit on one houseboat—we need two. Works out great. . . we have one boat for the early-to-bed, early-to-rise crowd (adults and babies) and one boat for the late-to-bed, late-to-rise crowd (our older kids). It’s the perfect solution. . .

What camera do you use?

I’ve been asked this before, and once upon a time, I knew the answer. For years, however, Jon and Sean have been taking most of my photos, and they use all kinds of different cameras. When (and if) I take a  picture, I just take it with my iPhone.

I noticed one of the projects you shared with us was a scrapbook page. Since Stampin Up! doesn't carry albums and page protectors anymore, how are you storing these pages?

We only discontinued our albums in this current Annual Catalog, so we’ve carried albums for years (although the sizes we’ve offered have varied). And currently, we offer a specialty album in our Holiday Catalog, and have offered specialty albums regularly through the years.

I’m hoping we’ll continue to offer those specialty albums—I have no desire to buy one from anyone else! The decision to continue to carry albums depends on sales, so I’m just hoping we’ll sell enough albums to warrant carrying a least a small line of albums! Help me out!

I’d love to hear about your creative process. Do you have ideas pop into your head and then translate them to paper easily? Or do you have to fiddle a lot with your projects? I’ve love to hear how you create. . .

I am definitely a believer in CASE-ing! I see things I love and copy them—and don’t feel guilty about it at all! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, you know. When I do CASE something, I try to always give credit where credit is due if I share it, and I often modify things a bit; I seldom CASE exactly.

For my Stampin’ Up! presentations and assignments, I often work with a concept artist; most of us do. We share ideas and brainstorm, and then the concept artist creates the project, and I’ll often “fiddle” with it a bit.

Where is the "No Matter What" stamp from (shown on a card in the first batch of projects from the South Pacific convention)? I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find it.

It’s from the Petite Pairs Stamp Set in our annual catalog.

I just bought the Ex Libris stamp because I loved your card so much (also from the first batch of projects shown from the South Pacific convention). How did you get it to look like a worn book?

I always follow the same process when I want something to look distressed or worn, which is often. (I love that look!). First, I make sure that I don’t ink the stamp thoroughly; I’ll just tap the stamp on the pad off and on so it’s not completely inked. Then when I stamp, I don’t press firmly on the whole stamp; I apply uneven pressure on the stamp. Sometimes, if I’m using dark ink, I’ll stamp off first. That’s always the process I follow to create a worn look. . .

I haven’t noticed any So Shelli Collection products lately. Have you discontinued marking your favorite products with your signature heart?

You’re observant! I think we announced the discontinuing of the Shelli Signature products in a current update, but it’s been quite awhile. I enjoyed choosing those favorite products, but it ended up being quite a lengthy process. I had to identify products quite far in advance because of the packaging and marketing requirements and I had to limit myself (which I hated—if I had my way, those hearts would have been on half the products in the catalog!). We had to make sure there was a diverse number of products (stamps and accessories) and even a variety of styles. Ultimately, we just decided that it wasn’t worth the effort. So if you’ve got a Shelli Signature product, it’s a keeper!

I am interested in working with Stampin' Up! Where would I find out about job openings?

All our job openings are listed on our website; here’s the link: http://www.stampinup.com/home/employment

Loved the idea of the biodegradable pots for your spring baskets for the grandchildren. Where did you find those baskets, and how did you attach the handles?

I bought the pots at Home Depot, but I’ve seen them at several home and garden stores. And I stapled the handles onto the baskets. Glad you liked the idea!

That's it for this round. Thanks for reading and asking questions--I love to your comments!


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Reader Comments (1)

Hi, Shelli -
I always look forward to reading a new blog entry from you, and really appreciate all that you share of yourself and your wonderful family.
Thank you for this latest informative entry. I'm especially interested in what you said about your painful shoulder and the link between shoulder pain and "the weight of a burden you don't want to carry". I've also been suffering a very painful shoulder for the last couple of months, and you've just helped me make the connection to a very deep grief I'm carrying - and trying to avoid/escape! Thank you.
I pray that you will very soon find relief from your shoulder pain, and healing of the injury. And I'm very glad that Kadie is recovering well.
July 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMarion Evans

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