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A Special Christmas Card

We are busy at the home office making this year’s Christmas card (thanks, Holly and Sharon!), and when I was deciding which card to send out this year, I fell in love with this one.

It’s an elegant, warm holiday greeting, and I was tempted to do it, but we send out several hundred cards, and while this card is simple, it’s not easy. How’s that for an oxymoron? As I’ve played with the Expressions Thinlits Dies, I’ve realized that, while they’re wonderful and fun (they feature the words love, thankful, and merry), they’re a little bit time consuming. It would definitely be overwhelming to be making hundreds of these. . .

That said, if you just need one or two Christmas cards for someone or something special, this is your card! So I thought I’d share. . .


An Emotional Day

This morning I went to a doctor's appointment where they did complete X-rays, and guess what? My bones are completely healed! I teared up when they told me; I feel so blessed!

Of course, in the same breath they told me that, they reminded me that it would still be six to eight months before I would be completely healed—I’ve still got lots of work to do! While the bones are healed, my muscles are weak, my range of motion is limited, my stamina is lacking. . . the list of things I need to work on is plenty long.

But I’m very happy and very grateful.

This news came at a time when I was already feeling rather emotional. This week is the European Convention, and I’m not there. . . and that makes me a little sad. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to go, I’ve kept it in my calendar. I want to think about it every day, picture what people are doing and what’s happening. Today everyone has landed, and they’re trying to stay awake (gotta love jet lag!). They’re setting up and getting organized and feeling excited. . .

While I’m sad I’m not there, I’m glad I’m not there too. I could never have done it. Long flight, long days, hours on my feet. . . there are days when even the thought of going into our Riverton office is overwhelming, so I know Europe is out of the question. But I’m getting better every day, and I hope our staff members and demonstrators in Europe know that I’m thinking of them. And I’m already looking forward to next year!




A Million-Dollar Adventure

This week has been an exciting one at the home office—Tami White, our fourth million-dollar achiever came into town to celebrate her accomplishment!

Tami and her mother, Sharon, arrived on Wednesday, checked into the hotel, and then headed to the home office, where Tami was greeted in the atrium by home office employees, cheering and honoring her. We presented her witha bouquet of flowers, a $10,000 check, and a home office visit designed just for her, including visits with photographers and illustrators and making a video. Wednesday night Tami and her mother had dinner with some CT members.

Thursday, I got to spend much of the day with Tami and Sharon, stamping and visiting and just getting to know them even better. What a pleasure! I was worried initially that the stamping project (an album commemorating Tami’s visit) I had planned wouldn’t take very much time, and so I had some other projects on hand, just in case. I should have known better! We didn’t even get the album done—we spent so much time just talking.

For lunch, we went to Fraiche at Brick Canvas, and took a quick tour, then they headed off for the afternoon activity. Originally, we had planned for her to go paragliding with Sara. . . people who know Tami know she loves adventure and isn’t afraid of anything! But the wind picked up and the paragliding adventure was cancelled.

Although Tami was disappointed, she was a good sport, and we offered her a few other options. She chose to go to Miller Motorsport Park, where she and a group of Stampin’ Up! employees went zip lining and karting. And I understand we’re not talking simply go carts here; Miller Sportspark has one of the top kart courses in the country, and I heard it was pretty exciting!

We ended the day with Tami and her mother, Sara and Sean, and Sterling and me enjoying dinner together. We had planned dinner at kind of a high-end place in town, but during the day we decided to do Thai instead. We called around and got some recommendation and ended up at a place that had lots of character (the cushions on the hardwood benches were baby crib bumpers!), but the food was tasty and the company was fabulous!

I love these million-dollar visits, and was thrilled to have Tami spend a couple of days with us. As I chatted with her at the home office, she kept saying, “Wow, I’m so overwhelmed.” She has worked hard to accomplish this goal, and we were so excited to celebrate this accomplishment with her.

Congratulations, Tami!




Back on the Road Again!

It’s here—the moment I’ve been looking forward to for weeks—and here’s the photo I promised to share.

Yesteday I got the go-ahead to start driving, and I love being back behind the wheel. I feel so independent! The ordinary, everyday things that become so important once they are taken away. . .

My destination today was the home office and our official welcome of Tami White, Stampin’ Up!’s fourth million-dollar achiever! I’ll be sharing more about that with you later, after I get to spend most of the day with Tami and her mother tomorrow. . . .


Meeting Our Rising Stars

Highlight of my day yesterday without a doubt—meeting our North America Rising Stars!

As part of the honor and recognition they receive for earning the Rising Star achievement, they come and spend a couple days at the home office, and last night I had dinner with them. What a treat! Sara picked me up at home, and we drove together and spent a delightful couple of hours with them.

I felt a bit badly because dinner went a little longer than planned and they still had another activity (it was definitely a full day for them!), but it was so fun to chat. We have five Rising Stars, and four made it on the trip, and I loved getting to know them better, feeling their enthusiasm, and listening to all they had to say. I can’t wait to see what they do with their businesses in the coming months and years—they’re amazing demonstrators!  (NOTE: I have a photo with them that I"m having trouble posting--I'll work out the technical difficulties and get it  up tomorrow, so check back to see their happy faces!)

It was a good way to end the day, because yesterday was not the best day. I smiled a little bit last week as I read your comments on my blog; so many of you cautioned me to not rush it. And guess what? I rushed it. Last week was big, and then the weekend. . . and yep, I paid the price yesterday. I’m walking and look normal, and it’s easy for people to think I’m back to normal. Even I think I’m back to normal. And then things happen and I remember, I’m not normal. (Whatever normal is, right?)

Anyway, today I took it a little easy, trying to recover from pushing myself a little too hard the past few days. It’s all good though, and tomorrow will be a new day!