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Meeting Our Rising Stars

Highlight of my day yesterday without a doubt—meeting our North America Rising Stars!

As part of the honor and recognition they receive for earning the Rising Star achievement, they come and spend a couple days at the home office, and last night I had dinner with them. What a treat! Sara picked me up at home, and we drove together and spent a delightful couple of hours with them.

I felt a bit badly because dinner went a little longer than planned and they still had another activity (it was definitely a full day for them!), but it was so fun to chat. We have five Rising Stars, and four made it on the trip, and I loved getting to know them better, feeling their enthusiasm, and listening to all they had to say. I can’t wait to see what they do with their businesses in the coming months and years—they’re amazing demonstrators!  (NOTE: I have a photo with them that I"m having trouble posting--I'll work out the technical difficulties and get it  up tomorrow, so check back to see their happy faces!)

It was a good way to end the day, because yesterday was not the best day. I smiled a little bit last week as I read your comments on my blog; so many of you cautioned me to not rush it. And guess what? I rushed it. Last week was big, and then the weekend. . . and yep, I paid the price yesterday. I’m walking and look normal, and it’s easy for people to think I’m back to normal. Even I think I’m back to normal. And then things happen and I remember, I’m not normal. (Whatever normal is, right?)

Anyway, today I took it a little easy, trying to recover from pushing myself a little too hard the past few days. It’s all good though, and tomorrow will be a new day!



My First Overnighter. . . 

Well, I ventured out for a quick overnight trip to Kanab and survived!

Vonna’s daughter Alexa got married on Friday, and at the last minute, Sterling and I decided to go. I didn’t think I’d feel up to it, but on Wednesday I decided to try it, and it was definitely worth the effort!


The trip down on Friday was long but enjoyable—the weather was absolutely beautiful, we listened to a book on tape, and we stopped often so I could stretch and walk around. In addition, as we drove, I was able to lay back the seat and stretch and squirm to find comfortable positions, so it wasn’t too bad.

We arrived in Kanab just in time to see some of the Kanab employees before there weekend began—it was so nice to see them! It’s been way too long. . .

And although our time down there was brief, it was also delightful to finally see family. . . most of them I haven’t seen since before my accident.  Vonna and her family did a fabulous job; they’ve spent weeks planning for this special day, and everything was amazing—the decorations, the dinner, the ceremony. Vonna and Sean were the perfect host and hostess, and everyone was so happy to be able to be there to celebrate Alexa’s and Matt’s wedding. . . they’re a darling couple!

We called it a night earlier than we normally would because I was so tired, but the sweet hugs I got from brothers and sisters and brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law and my parents and aunts and uncles and cousins were wonderful.


We headed back home Saturday morning, and again, the drive was long but enjoyable. I was glad to get a little longer travel under my belt. At one point a couple of weeks ago, I had actually considered trying to make it to the European convention later this month—I miss being with demonstrators so much! This weekend confirmed in my mind that, despite my optimistic attitude, deciding not to go was definitely the right decision. I was happy to be back home after only an overnight away—I’m not quite ready for airplane rides and long days walking and standing. I have my sights set on Leadership though. . . cross your fingers for me!



No Walker in Sight

I attended several meetings at the home office yesterday, and several employees were surprised to see me walking without a cane. I realized that I hadn’t told anyone—I was given the OK to walk without a cane on Friday! Happy day! I walk slow, and always with someone nearby when I’m out of the house so I can reach out once in a while for a little stability, but I’m definitely not complaining!

And that’s not the only change. . .

  • No walker in sight
  • The hospital-style bed is gone
  • I’ve done my own hair every day for almost a week (except for yesterday because we shot some videos, so Megan did it)
  • Getting dressed by myself
  • The wheelchair is still around—in case I need it for a long jaunt—but I’m thinking it will be headed to storage very soon
  • Physical therapy only once a week; still doing occupational therapy twice a week

Of course, I’m moving slowly (much more slower than I would like) and there’s occasional discomfort, but that’s to be expected. I’m thrilled with the progress and am eagerly looking forward to the next big milestone—driving! I don’t have any photos of these milestones (you’ll just have to imagine it!), but you can bet I’ll take a photo of that one. . . me sitting in the car, looking very happy and grateful, celebrating my independence day! Sterling will probably be pretty happy about that too!

In the meantime, I’m just savoring every step I take. . .



Another Happy Birthday Bunch

Here’s another set of employee birthday cards. I like to share these with you, because we always need birthday cards, don’t we? Plus, because I need dozens of these every month, they’re typically pretty quick and easy  to make. And that’s always a plus too!

Happy stamping!



A Stampin' Up! Halloween

Note: Halloween is always a fun time at Stampin’ Up!, and I was sorry to miss it this year, but I asked Sara to tell us about it!

Happy Halloween!

It was fun to come in to the office today. . . music was playing, people were hanging out, a lot of people were dressed up, and we were having fun.

You all know we have a lot of creative people working at Stampin’ Up!, and Halloween is the perfect opportunity for many of them to express that creativity. I love to see the original and unique ideas that people come up with!

We have a costume contest every year—even have a walkway for everyone to strut their stuff. Some years, we have entire departments that dress up in group costumes; this year we didn’t have as much of that, although our HR team did do the Duck Dynasty thing.

Another highlight for me is seeing the kids that come in to trick or treat. A lot of the employees bring in their young children or grandchildren to trick or treat around the office; plenty of employees have candy stashes set aside for these cute kids.

This year we also had a Halloween breakfast. . . bagels, juice, yogurt, and fruit. Pretty healthy, which was good considering all of the candy floating around.

I left a little early, because like many other moms out there, I was helping out with a classroom Halloween party. . . when you’re a mother, it’s just one thing after another on Halloween, right? But it was fun while it lasted! I hope you had a fun day as well!