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My First Party

I attended a delightful stamping party yesterday—in my own home!

At convention, I mentioned that I was going to “get out there” and hold a few parties, classes, or workshops, and I held my first one yesterday. Guests were all family members of a business acquaintance of mine; I’d call her friend now, after spending an afternoon stamping together!

She and her family members  came from all over (one guest came from as far away as Brigham City) to make a couple birthday cards, eat lunch, and just enjoy each others’ company.

And we definitely did that!

In fact, when they left, I looked at the clock and couldn’t believe what time it was—the time flew by so quickly! They brought the food, and I supplied the stamping supplies and ideas. I was pretty straightforward with them from the very beginning, telling them I didn’t want them to feel any pressure to purchase anything, I just wanted to share with them my love for stamping.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a stamping event, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed getting to know the guests better, and I especially enjoyed watching them discover the joy that comes from creating something with your own hands. I watched them smile and laugh and was reminded, as I always am, about the many wonderful things that happen when we gather together to stamp.

We made the cards that I showed in my August CASE convention presentation. We tried to schedule this party in August, but we were a few days late. . . what are you gonna do, right? (smile) I had several projects on display; one of the purposes of the party was to show them how many projects they could create from one stamp set. Several of them commented on the versatility of the stamp set, and I did get an order (woohoo!), even though that wasn’t my main objective.

I also got a rebooking—we’re planning an early November party, and we’re going to make neighbor gifts (one of the guests makes potpourri) and stamp tags to put on the bags. I’m already looking forward to spending some more time with this fun new group of friends.




Perfect Weather, Good Turnout, Great Time!

Celebrated (can you call it that?) the one-year anniversary of my riding accident this weekend by returning to the Grand Canyon for the annual ride; I didn’t participate, but Sterling did—he set a goal to do three 30-mile rides over three days, and he did it! Yea, Sterling!

We actually had gone back a couple of weeks ago—a short down-and-back trip to check on the status of the road Sterling worked on last year; he wanted to see how it had survived the winter and if it was ready for the ride. It looked great!

The first night of the ride, the ride organizer acknowledged the anonymous benefactor who had done so much work to improve the area. We hadn’t arrived yet, and he didn’t mention Sterling by name, but we heard later that he was extremely appreciative, as were many of those involved in the ride. No trucks got stuck this year, the road was less muddy, and the meadow was smoother and, as always, peaceful and pleasant. I’m proud of—and grateful for—my husband, who quietly saw a need and worked to fill it; he sets such a great example of service. . . 

And as for the weekend itself. . . well, the text I sent out to everyone afterwards the ride was: Perfect weather, good turnout, great time!

As I mentioned, Sterling did amazing . . . set a goal and met it! Woohoo! And I had a wonderful time as well. I was a “crew” member (everyone who doesn’t ride is crew); I helped Sterling where possible, meet him at the vet check on day 2, and cooked dinners. I had a little truck problem on my way to meet him, but other crew members helped me out and everything worked out fine. The rest of the time I relaxed, worked a little here and a little there, and read a book!

I don’t read books a lot, so the fact that I read—and finished—one is definitely worth noting. It was a great book too—“My Name Used to be Muhammad.” I kept thinking I’d just quickly skim it, but I found myself drawn into it. When I do read, I like nonfiction books, and this story of a Muslim man’s journey to becoming a Christian was simply fascinating.

I had wondered if it would be hard to be at the Grand Canyon, considering what happened a year ago, and although I did feel a little bit of anxiety, it really was just great to be there, supporting Sterling. If I had actually been riding, I’m sure there might have been a little more stress and anxiety (maybe that’s a small benefit to the arthritis?), but since I knew I was there in a support capacity, it was really just a great long weekend with almost all good memories.



Kanab Summer BBQ

I’m not sure if we can call this year’s Kanab Summer party a BBQ or not—we switched things up a bit and had lunch catered by Café Rio. Not exactly BBQ but just as yummy, for sure!

This year’s party featured some of the same stuff we’ve done in the past (outside lawn games) plus some of the fun new activities we had at our Riverton summer party.

And congratulations to our Kanab Heart of Stampin’ Up! employee—Starla Franklin. She was nominated by two of her co-workers, and she definitely deserves it!

I especially liked the party décor—simple and personal. The banners and centerpieces all featured photos of our employees, and I loved the atmosphere they created. It was fun to watch people look at the photos and smile—and hopefully feel appreciated and thanked!

That’s the purpose behind these summer get-togethers—to let our employees know how much we appreciate all they do. Our human resources people do an incredible job. . . kudos to them!

Thanks to the amazing people I work with at Stampin’ Up! It really is a blessing to love what I do and love the people I do it with!


My September Stamp, Snack, and Chat Event (Choose Happiness)

At convention, I committed to share a CASE event so that our Stampin’ Up! demonstrators can copy every month through May. Read all the details here.

Here’s my September party project—an adorable little Halloween treat bag made with the Choose Happiness Stamp set.

Here's my invite information:

Stamp, Chat, and Snack (SCS) at Shelli’
Thursday, September 4, at 7 p.m.

You know you’ll need Halloween treat bags, so come have a good time with friends, and walk away with treat bags in hand!

And here’s the Buy & Provide information so the demonstrator knows what she needs to provide for guests to make two free Halloween treat bags at her party:

Demonstrator Provides

  • Choose Happiness stamp set
  • And Many More stamp
  • Basic Black Cardstock (1 1/2" x 8
  • Pumpkin Pie Cardstock (3" x 3")
  • 2'- 1/4" Cotton Ribbon Pumpkin Pie
  • 2- 4 x 6 Cellophane Bags
  • Basic Black Classic Stampin' Pad
  • Pumpkin Pie Classic Stampin' Pad
  • Chalk Talk Framelits
  • Stampin' Trimmer
  • Snips
  • 1/8" Circle Punch
  • Dimensionals 

Because the whole focus of these events (besides creating projects that people NEED and will USE) is to show the versatility of a single stamp set, I’d suggest that at your event you show people my blog, which features several projects you can make from the Choose Happiness set.

Then, instead of making one of my projects, you could create an additional project or two to show at your event, which just reinforces the idea of the versatility of this stamp set. Pass those projects around so your guests and touch and feel them, and watch the orders add up!

I really love these projects—as well as the sentiment of this Stamp Set. We really do Choose Happiness, and just thinking about sharing these projects with others at a stamping event makes me happy. I hope you’ll join me with your own event! Let me know how it goes. . . .



Gardner Grand 2014

Time for another Gardner Grand. .  . I look forward to these weekends with our grandchildren so much

This year we welcomed three newbies—Shelby, Ashton, and Kona. One of my favorite parts of this weekend was watching the older kids take care of, encourage, and love their younger cousins. It’s sweet to see the relationships that our grandchildren share together. . .

We started the weekend by picking up all the kids on Friday afternoon and heading to dinner. I planned on taking a photo or two, but I ended up spending my time visiting with and keeping track of 10 grandchildren. That’s a lot!  

We left the restaurant and headed up to the cabin. In past years, one of the more stressful parts of the weekend was deciding who would ride with Grandma and who would ride with Grandpa. So this year, I took six and Sterling took four, and before we headed off, we drew riding assignments—I loved that it eliminated the stress and hurt feelings and became just a random selection. Plus it gave the kids a chance to ride with different cousins.

On Friday night we changed into jammies and then started on our service project; this year’s project is boondoggle keychains. A couple of years ago, Sterling and I went on a service project with a group to provide dental work for teens in need in Central America. We were planning on going again this year, but my doctor told me a couple of weeks ago that that was out of the question. Although I was extremely disappointed, we decided to get involved in another way—by starting these keychains, which gives the teenagers something to do while they wait in line. There is a lot of waiting, waiting for paperwork, waiting for x-rays, waiting for fillings. . . waiting for pretty much whatever work they need done. So we are starting 800 keychains between now and November, and the grandchildren helped us start the project. We got about 100 done . . . not too shabby!

None of us have ever done boondoggles before, so we spent a lot of the time trying to figure out what we were doing. We watched some You Tube videos, and eventually figured it out. Everyone participated in some way, and it was a great way to end the night.

Saturday we got up and rode the Heber Creeper (a historic train that carries passengers up and down the Provo Canyon), had lunch, and then rafted down the Provo River—we had lots of fun.

The weather was gray and overcast (there was actually snow in the mountains that morning), so the raft trip was a little chilly, but it didn’t stop a few of the kids from getting out and getting wet.

In a few places, they had to get out because the water level was so low that we high-centered! But we thoroughly enjoyed the day’s activities.

Saturday afternoon we just hung out, playing games, four-wheeling, and relaxing. That night, we watched a movie (and kept working on those boondoggles!).

On Sunday morning, we headed to downtown Salt Lake City to Music and the Spoken Word with the Tabernacle Choir—I love that Sunday morning tradition! We ended at our house, where we had lunch and scrapbooked the weekend with Project Life. Each of the kids journaled on at least one of the cards, and we organized photos and accent cards. I’m excited to have an album of our Gardner Grand weekend for the kids to look through, and I love how easy and quick it comes together with Project Life!

So, another Gardner Grand come and gone—way too quickly! I love spending time with these kids and am so grateful for them—and the blessing we have to live close enough to most of our grandchildren that we can see them as often as we do!