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OnStage in Brisbane

OnStage Live in Brisbane was fabulous! It was so nice to see our South Pacific friends and to celebrate demonstrators everywhere. All the presentations were great, and the weather was a bonus! Thanks to everyone who made the events (Live and Locals) successful—demonstrators and employees—wherever you were and however you participated.

I love the chance to gather together around the world in so many places to stamp with terrific new products, meet and mingle with friends, and to congratulate those who achieved accomplishments during the year. It’s also a blessing to work with such wonderful people. I’m so grateful and you make me proud!

To see tons more photos of people and projects, search #onstage2016 on Instagram. Until next time...



Belated Thanks

About a week before my birthday, unbeknownst to me, Sara put out a call on Instagram for birthday cards, so I was surprised when I began to receive cards from friends around the world. It reminded me (for the umpteenth time) how important it is to send cards…for any occasion or no occasion at all! I’ve recommitted.

Even though my birthday was weeks ago, I’ve enjoyed every hand stamped card along with the sweet sentiments and happy wishes. Thank you, my friends!




Baby Brown

When given the option to be induced a week early, and knowing we would be out of town on her due date, Shalae enthusiastically said yes! Because Jon usually gets light-headed during delivery, Shalae asked if I was willing to be in the delivery room, and of course I agreed!

Tuesday was the big day. After playing the hurry and wait game from mid-morning until about 5:00 in the afternoon, Baby Brown was finally ready to make his debut. As it turned out, Shalae only had to push through a few contractions, and Jon stayed by her side through the entire delivery. I wasn’t needed after all, but I’m so glad I was there to witness the birth of our newest grandson!

Even though we were all focused on Shalae’s breathing and Baby making his way into the world, I couldn’t help notice how beautiful Shalae was as she gracefully held her breath, and it was a tender moment when Baby took his first breath. I felt so blessed to experience such a precious miracle. It was amazing to watch the calm of Mom and Dad with their newborn just a few minutes after delivery amid the busyness of the nurses and doctor. Time stood still and nothing else mattered at that moment.

Baby Brown was born Tuesday evening at about six o’clock and weighed in at 6 lbs. 6 oz. and measured 19” long.

I keep calling this new arrival Baby because that’s been his name for over eight months. In fact, family and friends have given countless suggestions and voted on several names over the months. Finally, early this morning, Shalae and Jon sent a text and asked us to get Ashton’s, Cooper’s, and Phoebe’s thoughts on two names that were new to the list. They expected to be home before the kids got out of school, but they couldn’t leave the hospital without deciding on a name, and they wanted the kids to help make the final decision.

Owen Davis Brown is sweet and perfect in every way, and we’re all so excited to have him here and part of our family! I had to practically pull myself away from this little bundle of joy several times during the last two days, and I’m pretty sure Baby Owen will be our last stop before we depart for OnStage and our first stop once we return!


Girl Time

I spent a couple of days with my sisters and mom and was reminded how much I enjoy girl time, especially with family. We chatted about all sorts of things, ate mostly healthy food (had to have some chocolate!), did a little stamping and shopping, had massages and pedicures, and laughed a lot!

I came home early to witness Baby Brown's birth, which was beautiful. I'll blog about that tomorrow...when I have better photos...and he has a name!


Three Thank You Cards

If you're looking for a few cool thank you cards, look no more! And these are perfect for the men in your life...or a great gift for the men in your life to send.

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